I am someone who enjoys creating illustrated characters.

Born and grew up in Japan, I was enthusiastic, yet a sensitive Japanese youth who studied the English language to intake and convey more values in the world.

After graduating with a Literature degree in the UK in 2014, I realised how poor my English grammar and spelling skills were.
Quite a regrettable fact to accept after my huge dedication to studying abroad, so it seemed.
However, it wasn’t so hard for me to fully embrace the fact.
The fact that I can’t spell or write in a professional manner after reading and writing lots of English materials.

I did what I thought I was good at, and I wasn’t so good in the end.
But surprisingly, it was okay.
Because by trying it once, I could find out what I wasn’t good at.
I love the idea of spotting both what I am good at and bad at so that I can make things easier for myself the next time.

Years passed by….. Through lots of inner struggles, I came to explore new means to convey my values outside of words.
I started to draw.
Just like writing, each means involves self-discoveries and also self-healing.
This is something I would never have tried if I hadn’t struggled with words.

My core belief is:
You should take it easy. Nothing is a big deal.

If you are currently struggling in something, that must be so that the next time you can take it easier.

It is funny such words come out from my mouth, as I have always been quite oversensitive, and a lot of times a depressed person.
But that’s just another reason I need to remind myself of my own belief sometimes.

Now I found a way to make use of my nearly-raw-baked English writing skill to write a blog, with some help of pictures and illustrations, in the hope of inspiring fellow curious creative minds with my mixed-cultural values.