How to: Draw Kawaii Cat Bodies

So in my previous post How to draw kawaii cat, I only introduced how to draw a body in one easy method. That was just a sitting position.
What about other positions, then? Are there easy ways to draw also?

Before we talk about positions, please look at my 2 different (but still easy) ways to shape the body.

As you can see, one on the left is a round body style. Right is face & body merged style. (Just realised both are ’round’ in any case…)

If you have drawn the face already, go for the round body style obviously.
But if you want to make it even simpler the next time, you can simple merge…well, you don’t actually merge them when drawing, you just draw a massive face and then draw the body inside it ^^;

Both styles are very simple and easy so I like them.
Personally, I think the merged style makes it look like a hamster despite it being a cat and since I LOVE hamsters, I don’t mind it.

Once you decided your style, try to draw other positions.
Generally, they remain round in any position. Just need to add hands and feet (since I’m not sure if they are long enough to be called arms and legs…?), and you don’t even need complicated body structure sketches and such.

I like the hands and feet being just like…. a little thumb?
They are so flexible and handy to attach anywhere and it still makes them look kawaii.

I love simple kawaii and luckily, they are also simple to draw.

If you have any requests in how to draw kawaii animals, please leave it in the comments or send me an email!



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