Project: Drawing Kawaii Stuff

Hi, my name is Hamingway and I am starting ‘Drawing kawaii stuff’ project to start off the website (beside doodles archiving).
The idea is… share my ideas and to explore & experiment in drawing kawaii stuff, so it would be great if you could also participate in some way.

But what is ‘kawaii’ stuff, anyway?

From clumzycats series

In Japan, where the word originates from, we use this adjective word to describe literally anything – anything pleasant.
So a cute puppy would be the classic type of ‘kawaii’, but we might also speak of a fashionable middle-aged man as ‘kawaii’ while in English, you would probably call him ‘cool’ instead.
It is a little different when a Japanese girl calls a guy ‘kawaii’, than when an English speaking girl calls him ‘cute’, because cute can be kawaii but kawaii ≠ cute.

Kawaii does not involve any sexual implications at all – it’s purely based on how something/someone or even a situation, borrowing Marie Kondo’s term, ‘sparkles joy’ for you.
The definition of kawaii may vary, but I like to think the expression implies ‘relaxing’ or ‘comfortable’ to look at, rather than ‘exciting’.

So, that’s the motivation of doing this also! I wanna relaaaaax when doodling or drawing, not being any sort of pressure.
Drawing kawaii stuff is a perfect hobby for someone like myself.

This is one of the first sketches I did when I thought of clumzycats series

…And what’s better, looking at someone else’s kawaii drawings make you happy. It would be a true joy to be able to share each other’s kawaii creations, which is why I started this project of drawing kawaii stuff.

Remember it never involve any competition, it is meant to be a chilled activity, not even in your free time – I’d say for passing time? Like when you have to be there at somewhere and are supposed to be thinking of something serious but you have your hands free. Yes it is literally doodling.
My aim is to introduce the hobby to anyone who has a pen and papers – no extravagant tools are needed! It is an extension of doodling on your notebook in class.

Though I do believe you will soon find yourself getting creative once you get the hang of kawaii, and your hobby expanding!
But it all starts from just doodling, and I hope I will be able to show you that while I explore various tips.



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