Drawing Tips: with Curves and Corners

Hi there, this is Hamingway!

In this post, I would like to talk about how to refine the kawaiiness by drawing with curves and corners.
By saying that, doesn’t mean drawing only with curves and corners.
It is more like emphasising the curves and corners when drawing to draw out the kawaii effect to the fullest.

How can you do that? Please look at the simple doodlings of mine:

1. Emphasising curves

So you can see the drawing lines are curves orientated, though there are also straight lines and corners of course.

Make them as curvy as possible (sorry this is probably not the most helpful tip) – they cannot not look cute, right?

2. Emphasising corners

This is the same kind of drawing but drawn with corners instead of curves.

You would think it would have an opposite effect to drawing with curves but in fact, it works too, doesn’t it?
The result seems more kawaii than ‘sharp’ despite the corners.


Following is my thoughts on this mystery.

Consistency matters!

I think that is almost the point of this curves and corners trick.
Rather than them being curvy or sharp, I think the part where them being consistent gives them more ‘refined’ feel. But how?

I also believe that the consistency leaves you with a feeling of comfort, which triggers my idea of kawaii.
As comfort and refinement are also closely related in our perceptions, consistency does a great trick to accomplish them (refinement, comfort, kawaii) as a set.

Thinking of these things, I feel like I’m a bit closer to the idea of kawaii today.

However, as you might have noticed, the consistenct only exists when you draw more than one objects.
So does it not work when you are only drawing one kawaii stuff?

I think the advantage of the curve and corner trick also lives within just one object.

Personally, it is easier to design kawaii drawings when I focus on curves and corners anyway because without any directions, the main line tends to extend everywhere.
So if you keep the directions in mind, though these are merely rough directions, the line will stay tamed. At least that’s how I feel.

Now, let’s look at the kawaii doodles Utapru provided me, and how curves can be applied to refine the main line:

Top is a lovely cat drawn by Utapru.
I find it perfectly chaming and definitely kawaii, but for the sake of experiment, I had to re-draw it with more curves applied.

The hardest part is not to lose someone’s drawing style when applying my method.
You see, the bottom is drawn by me and it has already lost some charms.

However, I can confidently say that the curves made it easier for other things to match, and hence be consistent as a whole piece, if he were to add more doodles be it another character or a background.

Let’s look at another one:

So, the fox at the top again is by Utapru. Charming as always!

But if he were to draw it again, would he be able to make it consistent in its shape?
I think ‘finding the wright curves’ will be useful because it can be used repeatedly in the same piece (like mentioned earlier, in the back ground for example) and still look consistent and kawaii.

And the curves you found will live in your hands, and it’s yours. You won’t need to look at examples to draw anymore once you got that.

The challenging part though, is to find the right balance in what extent you apply the trick to reserve your style while making it look more ‘consistent kawaii’.

Sorry the post became more focused on curves, as I haven’t found good examples for corners.
But I hope you got the idea and if you like, apply the tricks in your doodling.



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