How to: Draw a Rose in 4 seconds! – Super Easy Rose Drawing Tutorial

It is what says in the heading!

Yes, I thought of a way to draw a rose, which is a popular flower but slightly complicated in its design, in 4 seconds or less.

And it’s super easy! :>

Does it look easy to draw? I don’t know. But when you break it down, there are just 4 steps to follow.
So here are the step by step tutorials:

1. Draw a heart.

Yes please :>

2. Draw a line in the middle of the heart.

No tip is needed!

3. Add 3 petals.

So, all the petals need to be partly overlapped by each other.
That’s all you need to be careful with, and any order will work.
I personally start from the one on the left.

4. Add 3 more petals.

This time it’s bigger petals than previous ones.
Again, they need to be overlapped partly.

Tip: The petals don’t need to be the same size.

And Ta-da!!
There goes the flower! Just add 2 to 3 leaves around it and it looks complicated enough!

How was it for you?
Please leave me with your thoughts!



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