How to: Draw a Kawaii Cat

Cats are like the best example of classic sort of kawaii. Their looks, their charms…
So I thought it’d be a good idea to start with drawing cats.

This is an introduction of how to draw in one example of millions of kawaii drawing styles.
The aim here is for anyone non-experienced in drawing from kids to elderly, to be able to start drawing at ease.
Just follow the example and expand your ideas from there.

All you need is any ball point pen or a thin marker (I use gel ink pen which I also recommend!), and a sheet of any smooth surfaced paper (I used a basic printing paper this time).

So let’s get started!

1. Draw the face line

This part is quite important, as the line needs to be fairly smooth and symmetry (at least for this style) or it will create more work for you to have to adjust the other parts accordingly.
Yes, making it simple and symmetry seems like the easiest way for now so let’s stick to it!

Please look at the basic face of a cat in the image. You don’t have to copy if you have your own idea, but please draw any simple face shape to start with.
If you can’t do it in one go, that’s totally normal, try a few times to practice until you find a good shape.

Tip: Make it smooth and symmetry.

2. Draw inside the face

Once the face line is done, the face parts are easier. It can be as simple as just dots!

In the image, I drew what I thought was a generic face of a cat. Eyes are just dots and the mouth is a seagull upside down. This mouth shape is typically used in kawaii styles but not mandatory of course! (nothing is mandatory in doodling or designs…)
Just draw what you think will work, because it WILL work!

Tip: Don’t draw them too large as opposed to the face yet. There should be some gap between face parts and the face line.

3. Add more characteristics

These can be more parts such as nose or teeth, or features such as freckles or extra fur or patterns. You can add as much as you would like to at this stage.

4. Draw from the beginning again!

This time, it’s time to refine your design. You can maybe try changing the shape of the face a little, only leaving the parts that you think will fit in the end.

Tip: Small eyes are easier in terms of face balance, than large eyes.

So, here there are, if you were quite creative, you might have a few versions of your kawaii cat faces.

Now, moving onto the body.

So, I chose a sitting position as there is a very easy way to draw it which I’m going to show now.

1. Draw a hat

Just like you see in the image, just draw what looks like a hat!

Tip: Don’t draw the hat too large. It will work better when it’s about the same size or smaller than the face.

2. Add hands

Just about any simple hands.

Tip: Placing them low works better than too high!

3. Add a tail

This can be placed anywhere, because it’s a cat tail!

Tip: Curve the tail.

Did you draw a body successfully? If you like, you can even apply the same technique to draw other kawaii animals.

Some animals may need a little altering…

In case of a duckie, just needed to replace the feet to make them duck feet.

Experiment and explore your style.
I hope this post ends up motivating someone to doodle!

Please let me know of your thoughts and leave me with requests for future topics! 🙂



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