How to: Draw on a Canvas Bag with Posca Markers

So I wanted to draw on my canvas bag in a simple manner and the first question was: What pen/marker to use??

Acrylic paints? Oil paints? … first of all, I don’t have them anyway and secondly, using paints sounds a bit too complicated already to me as I only wanted to draw something simple in a more casual manner.
Water ink markers would surely be washed off by water pretty easily… so, it seems the only choice left is a permanent marker such as Sharpie.

But wait! I know a better option – POSCA marker.
From what I remember, the markers were made specifically for drawing posters in the first place. Since posters need to be well waterproofed, it is more convincing that this magic poster pen Posca is indeed water resistant (when it’s dry of course!).

I remember drawing with these colourful Posca markers, directly on our skin at our school festivals (not sure if that’s recommended…but every one did that back then). The texture of the marker paints was nice and it didn’t get washed off by the sweat.
This should be the perfect marker for drawing on fabrics.

So, let’s get to work on the project.

Things to prepare:

  • Posca Markers (I only use black colour here)
  • Canvas Bag or other Cotton Material Items (T-shirt etc.)
  • Cotton Cloth Patch (for heat pressing)
  • Iron


  1. Draw your design on the fabric. Optional: draw a draft with a water ink pen before using Posca
  2. Let it dry for 5 minutes.
  3. Place a cotton cloth patch on the design and heat press with an iron.

Draw your design
Heat press with iron

It is complete!
Supposedly it is washing machine durable, but I recommend to wash by hand.

Products used:

Mini Canvas Crossbody Tote Bag
Posca Colouring – PC-5M – Pack of 10 Best Selling Markers
Uni Posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen Wallet, Pastel Colours Set of 8 Assorted Colours, Medium Tip



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